Introducing Cloud Central

Our team consists of experienced architects and operators who combine these two important functions. On the one hand, we’re responsible on a daily basis for administrating and managing complex cloud services and thus making a significant contribution to the success and profitability of companies in our customer base. In addition, we pass on this significant experience to our other customers in an advisory capacity. We show companies the advantages of cloud computing and AWS in particular, to improve their existing workflows and thereby allowing improved performance, flexibility and security.

The focus on AWS is not only due to the fact that it is currently the market leader. We also believe that it is by far the best platform for our customers’ requirements. Deliberately refraining from using AWS would mean that we would not be fully capable of delivering the best possible value to our customers, something that would harm a fruitful long-term business relationship. Our goal is to help you achieve increased success and to grow your business by using AWS – both in the real world and digitally.


Why Amazon Web Services?


You get access to exactly the operating system, language, database and services you need. In this environment, you determine what your application needs and doesn’t need. This means that the migration of existing applications is simple for you and your business.


Hosting applications or creating completely new applications based on SaaS is easy with AWS. As an initial aid, detailed documentation is provided, or management can be completed easily via the management console.


AWS applications benefit from comprehensive protection against external attacks. Compared to your own security solutions, your costs are lower because you no longer have to worry about the provision of physical or operational measures yourself.


Its scalability and the fact that it’s one of the world’s largest networks means you benefit from unlimited reliability. Failures are thus reduced to a minimum and will have no influence on your daily business with the platform.


Cloud computing via Amazon Web Services means that you only pay for services that you actually use. You pay exactly for the computing time, storage capacities used – without any long contractual obligations or the need for your own infrastructure.