Cloud Check-Up

In just 20 minutes we’re able to provide you with an initial consultation and clarify your most important questions. We will discuss the benefits that Amazon Web Services can bring to your business. You’ll learn how to manage data in the cloud, migrate your IT infrastructure to AWS, or outsource parts of it. Please note that due to the limited amount of time available with this free offer, we may not be able to answer all detailed questions.

However, our experience shows that we can explain to businesses looking to gain information during this period why managed cloud hosting and related processes are always an advantage. We give you a first impression of your new cloud and show you how to rediscover existing workflows, develop your own software via this platform or integrate existing standard software for improved productivity in your company.

You get a quick overview of the wide range of advantages such as the variable cost structuring through cloud computing at Amazon, the flexible capacity distribution or the possibility to automate recurring work processes by up to 100 %. Make an appointment today – without any obligation.

Architecture Consultation

The “one” architecture for everything simply doesn’t exist. Depending on what you offer your customers, you should use architectures that are exactly tailored to their needs. However, this may present you with a number of challenges – services and web apps may already run on your servers and your customers use the service daily. In order not to stand in the way of your company’s growth, you now need to implement a scalable, highly-available solution for additional customers. However, this needs to take place without resulting in a service failure for your existing customers.

For such instances we’re on hand with a detailed architectural consultation. We base our recommendations on many years of experience and the knowledge we gain every day from dealing with AWS and our customers. In the end, your requirements profile and our know-how create the optimal architecture based on the above-mentioned Amazon services. This means you have everything you need to deliver software to your customers quickly and flexibly while at the same time maintaining the very highest levels of scalability.

This makes them much more dynamic than in-house solutions on your own servers, which you may have to take offline if you want to extend your existing architecture. Trust our experience and the benefits you enjoy through Amazon’s cloud to avoid these kinds of unpleasant scenarios for both you and your customers.

Migration Support

After our consultation, you have probably found that migrating to Amazon Web Services has many benefits for your company and your customers. However, switching to a different way of delivering software to your customers involves a great deal of effort. We are there to help you with this important step by providing you with the necessary support for migrating to AWS. This begins with an inventory of the current situation and ends when the new architecture is fully implemented and 100% up and running.

You can rely on our expertise – we clearly show you which areas will benefit from the use of AWS services. We will identify with you, where to migrate existing software to AWS for greater flexibility, scalability and performance. We’re also happy to support you in completely outsourcing existing on-premise installations in your company to the cloud. You don’t have to put up with any compromises and can continue to provide your customers with the proven functionality and interface of your software – it’s just the hosting that takes place elsewhere.

For security reasons or because of other concerns, do you want to take it step by step? We would be happy to show you how to build a hybrid cloud consisting of your own services and the Amazon cloud.

Cost Check

One of the key benefits of cloud computing via Amazon (and in general) is that costs can be flexibly scaled and adapted to your exact needs. You only pay for the computing capacities that you absolutely need for your company. However, without continuous adaptation, the costs for operating your software may simply turn out to be too high. If you feel that the budget for running an existing AWS environment is too high, you are welcome to consult us.

Our experts analyze the existing environment and give you concrete ideas on areas in which you can reduce costs. The result is consistent functionality and performance with lower monthly costs. To make this service attractive for you, we charge just a one-off fee of €180 / US$180. An amount that even for smaller companies pays for itself by the next month after optimizing their AWS environment.

How much you will save in the end through our cost check depends on the scope of our optimization work. As a general rule, the less time you spend on your AWS environment, the more rewarding our experts’ commitment is to your business!